Managing4Results Certification Program


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Managing4Results™ Certification
Consultants, Coaches, Training and Organization Development Professionals can get certified in the Managing4Results™ system to deliver this program with their current and future clients. The Certification process is an e Learning certification program and once completed provides the Consultant with the Leaders Guide, Participant Guide and Power Point Deck.
Module 1-Introduction

Managing4Results™ Objectives
As a result of program participation, participants will be able accelerate results and improve productivity with their ability to:
• Identify coaching vs. training or counseling
• Identify the 6 Employee States and implement the 12 Managerial Behaviors
• Apply the LASER coaching model for a repeatable and consistent development conversation utilizing the 6 coaching skills
• Apply the tools of EQ, Trust, Behavioral Style and motivators in coaching for peak performance
• Form and develop more engaged and productive relationships

In addition, this program will help managers build stronger relationships with their direct reports through giving constructive feedback, coaching, and communicating messages about development and compensation that will truly motivate and enable teams to achieve great results.