March 18, 2017

Conversational Intelligence®: Co-creating better coaching relationships

February 19, 2017
October 26, 2016
Every presidential election promises to deliver positive reforms that alter the business climate. We expect a much-needed shift will occur (regardless of whom occupies the White […]
January 28, 2016

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Powered by All Types™

Upcoming Opportunity Are you interested in your team participating in the beta testing of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Powered by All Types™? The […]
September 30, 2015

EAPA’s 2015 Annual World EAP Conference

“The 3 Managerial Processes: How coaching facilitates the EAP referral” What I liked best about this session was: Responses Good coaching information Very well presented with […]
May 6, 2015

SDPCA Offering Pro-Bono Executive Coaching to Local Nonprofit Organizations

SDPCA celebrates International Coaching Week (ICW) from May 18 to May 24, 2015 The San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA), the premier coaching resource for business […]
October 6, 2014

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

How many of you have read the popular book, The Five Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Team by Patrick Lencioni? Wiley publishing, the publisher of the book, […]
May 5, 2014

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

In preparing for a presentation I was delivering on Emotional Intelligence (EI) I discovered many references to mindfulness and practicing mindfulness in developing Emotional Intelligence. This confirmed […]
March 4, 2014


Managing4Results™ Engaging employees, retaining talent and building a succession plan to ensure you have the right people to fill the right positions at the right time […]
September 3, 2013

Competency Model Collaboration

Why a customized competency model versus an off the shelf? Who are the stakeholders to enlist in the effort? What is the payoff for doing so? […]
April 8, 2013

Developing your EQ

In reflecting on the coaching and team development work I have delivered over the past quarter, the leadership competency that surfaced as the greatest area of […]
January 28, 2013

New Habits for the New Year

In November and December I was asked to deliver sessions on Stress Management, Work Life Balance, and Burn out for two different organizations in preparation for […]