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We consult and coach senior leaders to make clear judgment calls that cut through complexity, enhance trust and produce better results.
Our work with our clients is a STRATEGIC and PROFOUND PARTNERSHIP.
We are driven by being AUTHENTIC, GENEROUS, and CREATIVE.

Susan Curtin


Susan Curtin, MS, CEAP, BCC
As President of Insights4Results, Susan draws on her 22 years of experience as an Award winning organization development professional assisting organizations with employee engagement, development and succession planning. Susan’s efforts resulted in qualified, motivated internal pools of leadership talent.

Susan moves ideas into action, and is known for her tenacity, passion for developing individuals, and her ability to work with others. She is recognized as a skilled communicator who specializes in facilitating, coaching and training individuals and groups.

Susan is a pioneer: implemented the first internal Employee Assistance Program for the City of San Diego; first Career Development Program Manager rolling out individual and group mentoring programs; Diversity Project Lead and Program Manager of the Diversity Commitment program in the City of San Diego; first Training and Development Manager for the Health and Human Services Agency, County of San Diego; first to create and implement an award winning Managers Development Institute at HHSA.

Susan holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, Licensed HeartMath Coach and a Board Certified Coach. Susan taught 6 years for San Diego State University, Coaching for Organizational Excellence program.

Alcon Talks about Susan Curtin

Susan Curtin, Executive Coaching Brochure
Susan Curtin, Speaker Overview

"Every public and private sector training department should have one: a training and development pro who is dialed into community training resources, savvy about best practices, and relentless when it coves to organization-wide professional development opportunity. Susan understands the importance of providing robust, sustainable and targeted training to all levels of employees to benefit their personal development and overall employee performance.
~ Sarah Halstead
SDCCD Employee Training Institute"

Future Consultants

YOU are an energetic champion of leadership development. YOU have a passion for promoting the value of leadership development and know how to help leaders listen and learn. YOU quickly and successfully connect with current and prospective clients. YOU earn their trust by listening for and delivering creative initiatives that meet their unique needs.

YOUR academic training and experience have led you to the field of leadership development. YOU have seen first-hand the challenges of leadership from work in corporate and public sector and worldly travels. YOUR 20's were rich with learning, some we'd prefer are one time lessons ... all are valuable application for developing leaders and leadership programs.

YOU are gifted in your ability to be both self directed and a collaborative team member. YOUR life journey has honed your self-awareness and refined your awareness of others. This awareness serves as the foundation of your work and being.

"YOU have a broad appreciation for the art of business and a keen connection to people. YOUR approach invites leaders to engage in meaningful dialogues — the kind of rare and powerful experiences that produce breakthrough results. We are delighted to be on the same team with YOU.
~ Susan Curtin, President - Insights4Results, LLC"