Leadership Survey Results

We recently sent out a survey soliciting input on what individuals believed were the order of priority for 5 critical leadership qualities. The qualities, from NYT article Distilling the Wisdom of CEO’s, are “Passionate curiosity”, “Battle hardened confidence”, “A simple mind-set”, “Team smarts” and “Fearlessness”. The quality that received the highest ranking of the 5 was Team smarts. It received 35.75% of the vote for 1st ranking, 32.1% of the vote for 2nd ranking and 25% of the vote for 3rd ranking. It outranked all 5 overwhelmingly.
The results of this survey reflected my experience to date working with and for businesses and organizations. Matrix organizations combined with a downsized middle management is producing an expectation of increased teamwork to successfully achieve the vision and mission of the organization. Under these circumstances, lack of teamwork undermines success. What do you think about the results? Does it match your experience?


  1. Grisenia Matos says:

    My personal experience is that a high performance team is only as good as the leader who created and managed it. Hiring for performance and talent as well as developing for performance and talent are only a part of the key factors in high performance teams. In addition, providing clear direction, ensuring accountability, monitoring performance, giving respect and acknowledgement for a job well done, treating all fairly and operating with integrity will ensure loyalty and longevity to the team, leader and company. It is these last six factors that will either break or make the team.

  2. Leadership is the enzyme that catalyzes team results. It means providing vision, direction and inspiration.

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